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Forensic Training csiworkshop

The Highest Standard

  in Forensic Training

If you are serious about forensic work, we are the training provider for you. We believe the most valuable training can only be provided by those with extensive practical experience applying the science in real field conditions, while working real cases.


Each of our courses are taught by certified, highly trained working professionals with many years of related field experience. They are masters of their trades, and passionate about teaching.

Forensic Photography
Crime Scene Photography
Crime Scene Investigator

All curriculum is instructor-lead...we never leave students to teach students. We offer un-paralleled instructor access. After hours, our instructors are available to you. If you are willing to work late, they'll be right there with you.


Although we strive to make the material entertaining, there is no "fluff". This is serious training, provided by serious experts, for serious forensic operators & students.



Are you ready to step up? 

        It starts right here.


Crime Scene Reconstruction
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